Auction 2017

Our Church has a silent auction in the Spring, as a fund raiser.

This year  I decided to do a Christmas ornament.   This is a hand picked ( I walked the beach) & prepared Sea Urchin shell. it's former occupant had left it in slightly used, but undamaged condition.  The Top knot & finial are Maple.  It's not quite finished, the wood pieces are not glued in place, nor the eyelet installed.  Depending on time, Auction is next Saturday, I may make a display stand for this.   The usual problem of too many things, not enough time - & I did wait until the end. need to work on that.



An earlier version of this Sea Urchin ornament concept, made for the Christmas ornament auction-Advent, 2016, another fund raiser, that's fun, to raise some money to rehab the youth gathering area: