KAYAK #2 "Georgian Bay"


The "Georgian Bay" a Cedar Strip, fiberglass & epoxy Kayak.   16'6" with 24" width, about 40 lbs.

                                                     Plans by Rob Macks of Laughing Loon Custom Canoe & Kayak


The beginnings:   Spring, 2015                                                              the kayak stations, cut out, total of 10, to give the shape                              

2 sheets of plans,  Cedar planks cut into very long strips                   of the hull on the inside of the  cedar strips




from the bow, the Stations setup on the strongback, trial setup, using clamps to allow for alignment.

the penguino 145 4pd is on the wall rack, that will see water soon,

                                                                                                                                      Strongback & formers from the stern (below)



First 4 strakes in place,                                                                           The white dots are hot glue "clamps" that allow the spring clamps to be                 

lots of clamps to hold the plank in place,                                            removed & another strake added, without having to wait for glue to dry. 



BOW view: Keel planks in place, test fitting & heat bending next strake.         Stern view:  second strake test fit.  The wood blocks are                                                                                                                                                                           temporary clamping points. 



 Stern view:  test fitting/bending second strake by keel.                       close to finishing the planking of hull.  use of temporary clamping

Northern White Cedar with Western Red Cedar accents                                 blocks & hot melt glue dots while  wood glue dries       




Hull planking done & sanded                                                                              planking the deck,  Western Red Cedar strips 



White Maple accents for the decking                                                         fiberglass application to underside of deck     



Cockpit development, gluing in the underside support                                     (below) cockpit coaming lip being tried in

just a few clamps



Fore Deck hatch,   the hatch is held in place with rare earth magnets, provides very clean deck lines.  Final finish yet to come.



                                          Kayak #2 finished,   Wood Greenland eskimo paddle along side.   

                                                             see the topic Eskimo paddles for the construction of the Inuit & Aleut paddles,  

                                                                           need to add safety perimeter lines,



     deck rigging with effigies - manatee, mink, dolphin                                  Starboard side with retractable skeg control



        Why I kayak -  new skills, beautiful views, great photo op's,   & the community of paddlers that come to this gathering.

Door county Sea Kayak Symposium,  all day paddle by Cave Pt.           Door county, Mink River, Rowleys Bay,   Bay had gusts to 23mph,

                                                                                                                                  this is the peaceful portion of that paddle