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Kayak Eskimo Style Paddles

Kayaks use double bladed paddles.   the typical paddle today is "Euro" style.

 There are more traditional style paddles.  Since I'm a wood worker, I am making a Greenlandic Inuit style & an Alaskan Aleut style, in wood, to match the wood kayaks.

two of the paddles are from Rob Mack's instruction book for paddles, skeg, & seat,                         


The looms or shafts of these eskimo paddles are elliptical (Greenland) or egg shaped (Aleut), these orientate the paddle in your hand

    this page is from the above book by Rob Macks



A purchased Greenland Paddle on the right.                                                  

looms are laminations of Western Red Cedar, Cherry,                  Gluing up the loom (shaft) blanks with thickened epoxy 

Ash, & White Cedar



on the right side, gluing one side of the paddle blades.               Finished Narsaq on left, the Aleut & Greenland paddle

on the left, gluing the other side of paddle                                          blanks in middle,

                                                                                                                             far right is  the storm/emerg. paddle blank


Aleut paddle blank                                                                                         Aleut paddle blank cleaned up     


             Tracing the Paddle template                                                       paddle outline cut out,  starting to plane the blade



hand planning the blade shape, lots of shavings.                                                              more images to come...........



The Narsaq, now used for kayak rolling technique, used

      by inuit hunters as a spear throwing device & a club.                     Another view of the Narsaq, & a prototype

                                                                                                                             of an apple wood shaving mug.



Storm / Emergency Paddle almost finished.                 Storm paddle on aft deck of Kayak #1, Rt. foredeck has the Narsaq,

Kayak #2 "Georgian Bay" under construction.              left foredeck has the Greenland paddle.  This is the Kayak kit from

  Kayak #1 in background                                                    "penguin 145"  completed Spring, 2013



The Greenland & the Aleut Paddles have not been completed.   so more images to come.