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Kayak- penguino145

I have always like things that float on the water.   I also like woodworking.   I decided the two go together well. 

I have started, as of August (2013), a "Stitch & Glue" construction Kayak.  it is a kit, the Penguino 145 4pd,  from  14' 6" length, 25"beam,  about 36 lbs. when completed.  it is made of marine plywood, coated with fiberglass and epoxy, inside & out, there is no exposed wood.

  The construction table, that's her car, mine's evicted                       


         Table done, 1/2 length planks laid out


  Gluing up the 1/2 lengths,  my red toy in the background              


     Stitching the keel together with wire,


The Bow, stitching second plank into place,                                          


   more of second plank stitching with wire, they are removed  later  


Aug. 29 stitching fourth plank in place                                              


 Sept. 2  hull planks stitched together,   5  temporary formers in place:


All hull planks together with wire stitches                                             


       Gluing planks together with Epoxy;  once set, then remove wires      


Aug. 23     all plank seams with epoxy, then  thickened epoxy,   

sanded,  at this point the first seal coat of hull with epoxy   

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An OOPPs, with the stern fiberlgass/epoxy overlap, yet to be               

corrected.  maybe tonight; to be scraped down with cabinet scraper


    Sept. 29      ForeDeck wire stitched,  taped to hull                   


Aft Deck set in place, first trial fit                                                                 


 Oct. 5    Temporary deck plank clamps, waiting for epoxy glueing     



positioning the cockpit edging & recess plate, looking towards stern,   

The mould form in cockpit will be removed later, stern deck wired in 




Fiberglassing bulkheads and hatch & cockpit  coamings             

  Cockpit lower coaming being installed, not enough clamps??


It's November, colder, not good for epoxy application.              

added space heater to garage,  can't wait to see ComEd bill


     Fore Deck hatch has been cut out, adding ledge-lip



The Bow & Stern thickened epoxy pours.   to allow       

for bow and stern handle ropes.  that attic acess       

door has a new use.    Stem in water to help control          

heat generation.                                                             


Kayak mostly done,  it's -12 degrees F. today.  garage is too cold.

What's left is three coats of Marine Varnish, complete the deck rigging,

the hatch cover hold downs, the perimeter lines, and install seat

 and back rest,   Then go Paddle!!


waiting and anxious to see water,  Greenland style paddle, perimeter lines installed, hatch hold downs done, & deck rigging done.


It is completed !!!!! and ready to see water!  Stern view

































water has arrived, it is launch time                 


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collapsible sail on foredeck, along with the Greenland Inuit style wood paddle


Kayaks can have sails,   this can fold down easily onto the foredeck.  Water bottle  Spray Skirt in place


a quiet day for paddling, Silver Lake, Blackwell Forest Preserve