Wood Projects for Silent Auction 2013
Our Church has a silent auction each Fall.  I typically have done some wood projects for this.  
These are the ones for 2013:
Butterfly cross  Am. Cherry, oil finish                                                           Razor  "TruStone Bloody Jasper" handle, Titanium finish
                                                                                                                                       Gillette G-3 refill                                   


   Cross,  S.American Rosewood, leather thong necklace                              Stainless Steel Wine bottle stopper, silicone gasket, Walnut 
                 with sterling silver clasp                


American Slim Pen/ cross refill, Tulipwood, satin pearl finish
Euro style pen / cross refill, Zebra Wood,  black Titanium finish                                   JESUS fish  Cherry   oil finish   


Dove Cross  Linseed oil finish  Walnut