Our Office & Covid

                                                               COVID 19 & OUR OFFICE


My Office has had, and continues to have, very high standards relating to Sterilization and prevention of cross contamination issues. When I've been asked what we do for sterilization, my response for decades has been:

Our sterilization and disinfection standards are geared towards the following- "We assume you have every last disease in the world and we don't want it. Conversely, we assume we have every last disease in the world and you don't want it. " These are our guidelines and why we have always kept such high standards in compliance and beyond with OSHA standards.

Everything that goes in your mouth has been sterilized or is disposable- one time use. All surfaces have disposable covers and/or  disinfected, including counter tops, cabinet doors and handle, chairs etc. Since the beginning of my practice we have used wrapped sterilized instrument sets that are not unwrapped until patient use. We have been sterilizing after each use, all hand pieces (drills) for decades, well before this was a standard practice for dental offices.

Since COVID, we have implemented some new procedures and standards. We are following all guidelines recommended by CDC, ADA, and OSHA.

-Staff is screening daily with health check and temperature checks
-Staff are wearing masks at all times in our dental office whether patients are present or not. 
-Staff is not eating lunch with each other
-Staff lab coats are changed between every patient and are washed onsite
-During treatment a high level mask is worn along with a face shield 
-Patient health screening prior to and at the beginning of each visit, including temperature check.
-Patients are required to wear mask at all times, except during actual dental treatment.
-Each room has a HEPA filtration system running all day with built in UV-C light
-There is a whole office air disinfecting purifier associated with the HVAC system, running at all times, day and night
-Patients are asked to call upon arrival and wait until their room is ready.
-Patient appointments are spaced out to avoid any possible patient to patient contact
-When restroom is used, all surfaces are disinfected afterwards
-Plexi glass installed at front desk and no contact payment is available if desired.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe. We are open to any questions or comments and happy to discuss procedures.
This pandemic does not seem to be going away anytime soon and we are working hard to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and community.



                                     So, this is the NEW us, ready for your dental healthcare needs!